April 16, 2012

A Marketer's Perspective

It is profitable for me as a marketer to make you hate yourself.

It is profitable for me to then capitalize on your insecurities and push my product.

By making you feel like you're not masculine enough, or attractive enough, or worthy of companionship, I position my product as a savior to help you realize your very best self.

To me, you are but wallets with legs. And if you don't have our product, then we have nothing to discuss; and the sooner you start being dissatisfied with your current state, the sooner I can collect.

That, obviously is not the Christian approach to marketing. True, we at Renewal Corporation do have products that we would like you to purchase. And yes, they will benefit you.

But understand that we will never make you feel "less than" if you don't have our product. And we're never going to make you feel like you are unworthy of love, because God loves you right now, in whatever condition you're in. We will never treat you like anything short of the Image of God. Why? Because we love you, and God loves you. And He accepts you whether you buy our product or not. Cuz there's more to life than acquiring things.

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