March 12, 2012

Who Am I? And Who Are You?

To give you a good idea of who I am, here's the quick-and-dirty:

I'm Jamaal Fridge, a 24-year-old from Chicago's Southside. I was raised Christian, but became more dedicated in late 2004.

I am studying Business Marketing/Entrepreneurship at Calvin College, a Reformed Christian liberal arts college in Grand Rapids, MI. In Chicago, I'm a member of Zion Faith Center Bible Church (9993 S Throop), and have been there since late 2008.

I and several friends plan to start the Christian video game design studio, Renewal Corporation, not long after graduation. The book you've been hearing about, "5th Grade Challenge" is derived from one of the video games we hope to develop soon.

I see my career as ministry and our games as evangelism. I like to think of new and different approaches to reach out to people, and am less and less excited about the prospect of being a pastor; to me it feels too restrictive and narrow.

Politically speaking, I'm a Libertarian; I reject the false dichotomy of being Republican or Democrat. To me, they're both the same, just with different rhetoric. I like the idea of being able to do absolutely whatever I want as long as I don't harm someone else; I find Chicago entirely too restrictive.

On doctrine, I'm a Calvinist. I see God as absolutely in control of everything, especially overseeing our salvation given our corrupt nature. I believe God created everything good and therefore we should have a comprehensive view of life and ministry, and minister to society in (almost) every venue possible.

So that's me. Hopefully in the near future I can introduce the co-founders and give you a better sense of who they are and what motivates them.

Now, to take this one step further, I have a strong belief that we in the body of Christ don't know each other, and that hurts us because we don't know what incredible resources we are ignorant of. We are ignorant of the value of the person sitting next to us in the pews! So in the comment section below, I'd like you to identify yourself (if you're comfortable with that), and let us know who you are and what is important to your personality, faith walk, ministry, etc. In the future we may have a more private setting to share such information, but for now, this may have to do.

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