March 12, 2012



This is the first post of the official blog for Renewal Corporation. By the time you've seen this blog, you've probably also seen information about my book "5th Grade Challenge", a Christian novel for kids.

I started this blog for the sake of the company that we will soon launch. Renewal is a game design studio that I expect to be based in Chicago. We have a vision for making games for the people of God in order to begin transforming society. More on that later. But for right now, I start this blog so long before the we begin releasing books and games because I want to have a backlog for parents, pastors, teachers and other concerned people of the community to look through as they also learn about the book, my personal ministry and beliefs, and my recommendations. I want to start a substantive conversation about the state of our community and what can and must be done to revive it and stop the needless violence that occurs.

The purpose of this blog is both to provoke thought and equip you for action, as I hope our books and games do. I want to give you insights and perspectives that can make your individual calling as a Christian less daunting and paralyzing. The problems we face are real, so what are we prepared to do about them? And if we are prepared to do work to correct our issues and renew our community (wherever that may be for you), what kind of work would be most effective?

Let's explore that together.

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