March 30, 2012


Just because we're a Christian game company doesn't mean we'll succeed.

Sounds odd coming from a person of faith, but we in the Church have bought into the erroneous view that being Christian is a lock for God's blessing over everything we touch.

Fact is, 

1) You don't need Jesus to be financially successful.
2) Being on God's side does not exclude you from business risks.

To be real with you, I've seen many Christian endeavors go badly. In fact, part of the reason we have to fight against the negative stereotype of low-quality Christian entertainment is because of a history of low-quality Christian entertainment!

People have seen bad Christian movies that are clearly out of touch, made by people with good intentions. People have played bad Christian games that seem like rip-offs of popular games + Jesus. There is simply a lack of trust that emanated from lots of misses and very few hits. (Worst of all, the good games don't get noticed.)

Question: For the people who made the games or movies (and thanks to them for their efforts), could there have been an assumption they held that said their efforts would succeed because their games focused on God? That God would surely bless their efforts to advance His Kingdom?

What if those assumptions are wrong? What if their having a clean heart does nothing for their product? What if they're operating off an Entitlement Theology?

That's the danger we face as a Christ-following entertainment company. Feeling that we are entitled by virtue of our good intentions and Christian message (or our community contributions, or our tithes and offerings, or our good character, or our prayer life) to be prosperous in whatever we do. 

Our danger is assuming the supernatural power and favor of God is going to automatically be given to us. Our danger is not doing due diligence to become good writers, good programmers, good financial stewards, good artists, good musicians, good marketers, good producers. Our danger is being lazy on God, expecting Him to do everything for us, as though we don't have to grow and mature. Cuz God's got it all under control. Is that your mindset? When you plan for church events and programs, or when you have to perform some service for the church, like praise and worship. Do you assume people will show up? Do you assume the song will go well? Just show up?

What arrogance.

Reality check: God will let you fall on your face to teach you responsibility. Your choices matter, and you will face consequences. But that's why Jesus put out the invitation to take His yoke upon you and learn from Him. Just being with Him makes little difference. That's passive. You must learn from Him and practice to be effective. That's active.

Put in the work. The only place you'll find success before work is in the dictionary.

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